Insomnia is a creative artistic space that functions like a itinerant training/educational centre. We reside temporarily in a town and work with schools, academies, theatres and cultural institutions to generate unusual artistic and pedagogical processes called workshops.

Inspired by a spirit of sharing, different creative modes come together and merge in these space-time workshops; they are places in which to transmit knowledge, debate ideas, and discover new fields of action. These processes are experienced in a fragile, fleeting environment, working with heterogeneous teams and with very little time to explore.

All the artistic languages we teach are the tools we use to stimulate creativity. Our teaching method is based on the integration and coordination of several different techniques.

This approach does not create just one, single system, but a multi-directional and continually changing movement.

Our team includes artists from France, Italy, Spain, Greece, Poland, Germany, and England. The places where we are welcomed will create the map of our travels. We have no ties or nationalities; we exist momentarily and then disappear, only to be reborn again in another context with different faces.

Insomnia is a room where we share the ideas that stop us from sleeping.

« I do not fear big words, I fear little words that stifle the soul »