The key element of our pedagogical approach is the participants’ imagination, teaching them to embrace everything and exclude nothing so that they can discover their creative universe and learn to manage the tools to develop it.

Depending on the resources provided, the Insomnia workshops will last between three days and two weeks. Research is always the basic topic used in the workshops.

The workshops are divided into three stages:

  • - Creative journey around the research topic
  • - Theoretical study of the techniques and concepts tackled during the creative journey
  • - Creation of a stage performance: implementation of the concepts initially experienced and then studied theoretically during the first two stages.

The creative journey is like a long improvisation guided by the professors. The guide doesn’t explain the method or technique, but creates a playful atmosphere, allowing the participants to learn from what they feel. The participants travel across the world proposed by the guides and transform it. Photographs, videos, written texts and audio material will record and document this initial stage.

During stage two the participants and the professors will jointly examine the documentation recorded in stage one. They will analyse the theory behind the research topic and its impact on all the other aspects of the artistic work: dramaturgy, production, directing the actors, choreography construction, sound creation, lighting, and stage design.

If possible, the Insomnia workshops will share their work with the public by staging a performance. The latter is not an objective, an outcome or a résumé of our research; it is simply a moment when the public become a participant in the creative process. There is no final show, just a series of stage actions that change continuously. The professor-student relationship becomes horizontal, artist-to-artist, based on reciprocal exchange.

« Our guiding principle was that design is neither an intellectual nor a material affair, but simply an integral part of the stuff of life, necessary for everyone in a civilized society »

Walter Gropius